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Pop Art Treats Dispenser Blue
Pop Art Treats Dispenser Blue

Pop Art Treats Dispenser Blue

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This dog treats dispensing toy can also be a chew toy so your dog can chew to let off steam. It is a rolling ball with a dynamic streamline design inspired by pop art textures. While flexible, the solid build of this toy makes it resistant to biting and chewing. The sphere design offers a large volume of storage space for food. It bounces irregularly, and is a good companion of your dog to play chase with. As a chew toy, it can clean teeth, and correct destructive behavior when it is half open. It can also be used to play fetch when fully open. This is a toy that conjures food (at least your dog sees it this way). It is easy to open so you can put in your dog's favorite food or be creative on what goes in it. It is also very easy to clean and dries up very fast after cleaning.
We recommend supervising your pet while playing with any type of toys, especially at the beginning.
Thermoplastic rubber, polycarbonates
Ø 80mm

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