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About The Tail Story

Beautifully designed products for pets

For pets, by pet parents

The Tail Story was started by young Toronto couple Vivian and Chris with their two lovely puppies Venus and Pablo during the COVID-19 pandemic in 2020. As the coronavirus outbreak went serious and many places got locked down, they tried to shift shopping for their fur babies online but soon became disappointed by the offerings from major online retailers and chain stores. "For dog food and treat it might be OK but everything else like toys, apparels, leashes, beds they just all look the same and boring." They wanted to get the perfect things for their dogs but could not find anything interesting enough after searching through tons of pet stores online.

Being avid Instagram users, they always saw dogs from other parts of the world playing with unique toys, wearing stylish fashion pieces, and even living with furniture that are specially designed for pets. However, most of these products were not readily available in our neighbourhood pet stores nor hard to get due to delay and extra cost imposed by international shipping and custom. They realized they could not be the only pet parents who wanted these cute, fun, and well-designed products for their pets. So, they built The Tail Story, an online pet boutique with hand selected collections of beautiful, chic, high quality products for our four-legged friends, and a place to shop for goods that can match the aesthetics and lifestyle of their humans and look good in their homes.

Cute dogs wearing fashionable clothing

The best pets deserve the best design

Maybe every pet will have a Top Paw, a Kong, a Whisker City, or some other toys made by the big manufactures, our mission is to find smaller designer or design studios around the world that are specialized in creating unique, beautiful, and stylish pet products we have never seen before. We conduct thorough research, hand test, and reach out to each designer to make sure their products not only are made with high quality materials and attention to detail, but also are comfortable, durable, and safe for our fur babies to use.

We also prefer designers that have the mother earth and sustainability in mind and are creating eco-friendly products. Many partners of us are working with recycled materials and natural fabrics that you can be proud to have in your home.

Vendors of The Tail Story products

What you are supporting

We want to build a trusted and convenient place for pet parents to shop online for something special and not available elsewhere, and we cannot do this without your support. We promise to deliver the best products with the best service and happy customers are always our top priority. You can reach us seven days a week, and we are always here to answer your questions and help you find the perfect items for your pets. We are passionate not only about pets but also the industry at large, working with you together we believe we can make online shopping simpler and smoother for all pet owners. So, do not hesitate to contact us if you have any concerns, suggestions, or have seen something unique that you want us to add to our catalog.